One of the better reasons for having having various components is to be able to help one another

One of the better reasons for having having various components is to be able to help one another

we dont understand all that much relating to this, but i’ve various components/alters something such as that, and feeling threatened brings about my worst components, therefore if she seems at all threatened, that is expected to take place. I suppose if this part is protective, when she seems safe, this part of her is less likely to want to turn out, so she doesn’t feel threatened first if you want to talk about things, as cocoanut said, make sure.

we agree utilizing the suggestions about using break it so don’t neglect yourself, neglecting yourself can be easy to do if you’re busy trying to help out someone else for yourself- everyone needs. while its perhaps not your obligation to control her condition, you can certainly help out by knowing & understanding what’s going on if you choose to. has she attempted to keep in touch with her alters? (she may not get a friendly response from the upset one, lol however in time its likely to obtain through) I do believe some individuals find various alters could be presented by various things, therefore she might possibly learn how to get a handle on switching to an extent too.

I would personally have thought it will be a little generalised to express all social people who have DID are needy tho, would not it rely a great deal exactly what their alters are like? . one of many worst having the ability to attack/control one another. feeling into counselling/therapy? if she’s had bad experiences it will take her time, but there might be other ways she could at least begin to manage things to begin with like you have to tiptoe around her isn’t going to help either of you, is it possible to sit down and talk about her DID without making her feel like you’re pressurising her. (get her with this forum so she will make inquiries !) i am perhaps not certain that medicine does indeed such a thing for DID .

Re: I am dating some one with DID and require advice

by cocoanutmonkey » Wed Mar 09, 2011 5:26 am

DID = an army of just one!

Lurking (a time that is past partake in way too frequently) = a kind of stalking that nobody generally seems to mind

Re: I am dating some body with DID and require advice

by katana » Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:09 pm

Sorry! my misinterpretation. pity you can findn’t 2 various terms for we

Re: I am dating some body with DID and require advice

by inlove&confused » Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:36 pm

many thanks a great deal for the reactions, it really is all actually helpful.

the last few days went very well and I think this woman is being more mindful of attempting to control it, most likely since that final time ended up being therefore extremely intense. and I also, additionally have always been being more mindful of what is going on and feel I could manage the problem better. the main topic of DID is types of odd to consult with her about, she claims she actually is afraid that if she does plenty of research while focusing upon it, so it’ll become worse on her. she additionally talked about that if she had been to attend an internet forum like this 1, that she might compare her experiences with other people and either discount her own as if she actually is making it up (if she had been to see other people’ experiences as being much worse), or perhaps confronted with the theory that this woman is coping with one thing sincere about. we additionally have the impression that she actually is concerned of the thing I might feel if she had been to be identified, as though I would feel just lweke i have actually a ‘broken’ gf. I really do think it really is just starting to ease off however, along with her point of look at getting assistance might be moving slowly towards looking for it from the things I can inform recently. I will be feeling much better about this and hopeful.

I am going to positively be using your dudes’ suggestions about producing personal personal time and energy to keep stability, and I also’m getting myself prepared to take it up along with her in a non-threatening environment. I do believe it’d be a good thing without having to approach the counseling/therapy aspect for us to create some comfort about having some dialogue about it. I am still very new in understanding this condition, your guys’ input is very insightful and helpful. MANY THANKS. inlove&confused Consumer 0 Posts: 2 Joined: Mon Mar 07, 2011 10:27 pm regional time: Fri Jan 15, 2021 4:51 am weblog: View Blog (0)

Re: I am dating some body with DID and require advice

by Onlyme » Thu Mar 10, 2011 9:46 am

Hope it will help! You can PM me personally when you yourself have concerns.

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