Question, Hi i now have a financial obligation with barclays that will be in an agreed repayment plan additionally the final page i gotten they accept my offer of monthly payment and they will contact me again to start payments from them stated.

Question, Hi i now have a financial obligation with barclays that will be in an agreed repayment plan additionally the final page i gotten they accept my offer of monthly payment and they will contact me again to start payments from them stated.

its now been a year and until 30 days ago I experienced forgotten about this myself but ive had no contact from barclays whatsoever. Do i simply keep on and save yourself a bit up prepared for if they do contact me and perhaps provide a last settlement or do i contact them and simply have the re re payments began?

Sara (Financial Obligation Camel) says

Hi Andy, Saving up and offering a F&F settlement seems good. Either to Barclays or even a debt collector if Barclays offer it on. Collectors in many cases are more prepared compared to the initial loan provider to accept a F&F.

mary maughan says

Hi, around 4-5 years back at another home during the right time i arranged for SKY television become set up. They didn’t think about it the afternoon arranged chances are they later installed it across the street. Then they stated sorry as well as shall sort it down in 5 times. They never ever did after days and so I cancelled for breach of agreement. I’d a couple of page from collectors asking us to get hold of them and when or twice We told them the story that is above. perhaps Not very nearly 5 years later on a data recovery agency called Zinc wrote asking us to contact them urgently. Own anything as I never had it installed in the first place I don’t feel I.

Sara (Debt Camel) says

Hi Mary, sometimes it is quite difficult to cancel an agreement, however, if Sky desired to dispute everything you did, they ought to have inked this early in the day! You are thought by me should compose back again to your debt collector and state why you don’t owe anything – Sky never finished the installation. You again, I suggest you contact National Debtline for their advice if they bother.

Hi matter We have our home freehold but we spend an ongoing solution cost to an administration business for the upkeep of the pump (Severn Trent never have yet used It). Although we having been spending the administration business desired extra cash. These people were required to produce evidence that their request had been reasonable and lawful. In addition it showed up that people were being charged for solutions we would not get. They initially place our reports on hold for the weeks that are few. Since that time they will have perhaps not met our demands for disclosure, supplied responses to your reasonable concerns or supplied accounts that are transparent. But, they kept telling us that some body ended up being looking at it and would respond to us. This never ever occurred in addition they included the extra cash to our next invoice. We explained we nevertheless needed clarification and responses to your concerns. they will have now passed away the situation up to a business collection agencies agency whom state we need to pay and have now added their costs. Your advice is appreciated. Thanks.

Sara (Financial Obligation Camel) says

Hi Rachel, solution costs may be complicated. You’ll need you to definitely look over the entire situation, your communication as well as the not enough proper replies – i will suggest gonna the local people information. Then one person could go to CAB and ask for all of you if there are several of you affected (you refer to “accounts.

Many thanks a great deal for the prompt answer. You can find a true wide range of us included. We shall head to CAB while you advise.

Hi, we bought some restroom furniture and compensated by charge card. The cost that is total around ВЈ3,600. Basically every thing the ongoing business delivered us had been wrong or defective also it took many years in order for them to remedy things. The bathroom . they delivered didn’t fit the cistern and a cabinet ended up being faulty. After emailing and looking to get them to just remedy these they stopped replying. We made a charge card chargeback for the cupboard and toilet totalling ВЈ398 through Barclaycard. This week we received threatening phonecalls through the business after which a really threatening page yesterday claiming we owed them the entire level of ВЈ3,600 and they’re going to issue a CCJ for this quantity and delivered contractors around to pull out of the restroom furniture (AND TILES despite the fact that we didn’t buy them through them). We examined with Barclaycard and additionally they just issued a chargeback for ВЈ398 no the amount that is whole. Can this ongoing business problem a CCJ for the ВЈ3,600 whenever we’ve only been credited right straight straight back for the price of the bathroom and cabinet?

Sara (Financial Obligation Camel) says

£3202 you can either defend the whole claim – on the grounds that the toilet and cupboard were faulty and they failed to repair them – or a defend £3202 on the grounds that you have already paid this if they issue a Claim Form (the first step to a CCJ) for £3600 when actually you have paid.

But it is advisable to is going to the local people Advice about any of it. They ought to never be writing you threatening letters and additionally they can’t enter your home to get rid of things if you do not allow them in.

Hi, i got myself a homely home by having a ex in 2007 and left during 2009. He kept your house and stated he keep up the repayments. Along side a 30k piggy straight back loan. A couple of days ago I’d a page of this bank asking for me personally to mobile them. I did so together with household had been repossessed last year with 12k shortfall now they have been asking us to spend the 44k by myself while they cant find him, I’ve received any further contact from them 14 days on but We cant manage to shell out any such thing when they push I’ll need to go bankrupt We have actually my ex target now do I pass that concerning? What’s my options? I additionally don’t understand as soon as the payment that is last therefore being 2011 will it be they’re chasing me personally out of the blue because its near the statue banned? Shall I inform them we shall get bankrupt? What’s the most sensible thing for me personally to complete I’m an individual mom on an unhealthy earnings? Many thanks

Sara (Financial Obligation Camel) says

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