From the Principal's Desk

Women empowerment means empowering the women by promoting their participation in all areas and sectors including economic, political, social, cultural and all other sectors of the society. Women empowerment helps them to make their own decisions by breaking all personal limitations of the society and family. The role of women in today's world is varied, and has come a long way since last century. They, of late, can move about and work easily in whichever area they like, mostly without much adversity. Be it in the educational sector, administration, politics, business or household chores-women seem to stand on the pedestal of everything around them. The world treats men, women, and every gender on the same wavelength, at least in framing the laws. But in reality we see a social construction of masculinity and feminity where separate set of rules are set by society which reinforces the gender gap and India is no different. Women are, in formidable numbers, subjected to domestic violence, tortures of various kinds, and assaults both physical and mental, and with this, the curse of female foeticide, child marriage, dowry death, and honor killing are also prevalent in society.

The Institution being the only girls' college in 50km radius was established with the aim of training women to develop into independent beings not only economically but also socially and psychologically. The geographical location of our college is also very significant because it is neither a rural location or an urban city but an area of rural-urban continuum which makes it more difficult for women to prosper and exposes them to various kinds of social malpractices such as human trafficking, domestic violence, child marriage, dowry deaths and so on. The proximity of the area to the International border with Bangladesh also poses considerable threat to the respectable sustenance of women in the vicinity .Thus, the institution from the last few decades has been making considerable efforts to uplift women who come to the institution to study. The vision of the institution is "YATRA NARYAASTU POOJYANTE" which means where women are respected and our Institution makes all the effort to uphold its motto.