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The Department of History started in 1999 from the very beginning of college establishment.The journey started with General course then Honours course was introduced in 2017. maintains its academic standards. History is a bridge between the past and present. The past tradition of our country, the world and society paves the way towards future. The Department of History makes students to practice history based on source materials.
The Department offers Undergraduate Honours & General Courses in History. Previously the syllabus was based on the 1+1+1system.Since the introduction of the Semester System in 2018, the syllabus is based on the C.B.C.S.system.
The Department’s strengths include three faculties. The Head of the Department, Ms.Nandini Halder,Assistant Professor, Ms.Elora Sarkar,State Aided College Teacher, Mr.Krishnapada Mridha,State Aided College Teacher.
Class room teaching often includes illustrations and modern technology. Field visits and excursions to museums and exhibitions are undertaken in order to understand aspects of history. This is often supplemented with special lectures by scholars with specific research interests and annual seminars/conferences where  students present papers. We believe that these methodologies enable our students to analyze diverse sources and communicate their ideas effectively.