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‘संस्कृतमेव हि भारतम्।’

The chief aim of Banipur Mahila Mahavidyalaya is to create an ideal citizen- a citizen who is aware of the social and personal responsibilities and the culture of our country. Sanskrit is the language which is essentially connected with Indian culture and Indian roots. However discourses on humanities remain incomplete without the inclusion of this languages. Sanskrit is the oldest language of the world. Since Sanskrit literature has come down to us through oral tradition called the Shruti Parampara, the maximum number of works are in poetry only. Starting from the Rigveda, the earliest document in world literature, there is a continuous flow of Sanskrit works in poetry.
Sanskrit has played a vital role in the development of all Indian languages and in the preservation of the cultural heritage of India.No India Language can flourish without the help of Sanskrit.It also provides the theoretical foundations of ancient sciences.

  • Arpita Banik. M.A. in Sanskrit.

    State Aided College Teacher (Category-II)

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  • Ankita Majumdar. M.A. in Sanskrit.

    State Aided College Teacher (Category-II)

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