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The Department of English started as a General Course from 2000 when the College was granted provisional affiliation. Honours Course was started in 2012 as a sincere initiative of the departmental faculty in the interest of the students under the affiliation of WBSU. The Department thereafter flourished as the number of seats increased to accommodate 35 students. At present the UG syllabus that is followed is the CBCS Semester system as framed by the West Bengal State University. The Department holds students’ seminar, arranges for extension lectures and various other Departmental activities that include both academic activities and social outreach programs. The faculty consists of one substantive post and four State Aided College Teachers. The Faculty is engaged in active research and publication. The result of the department has shown marked improvement and some of the students passing out from the college as graduates are pursuing PG, while others have applied for jobs in various NGOs.</p style=”text-align: justify;”>

The Central Library has 115 English text books and 205 references from which students of all semesters borrow books regularly. The Department also has started a seminar library with 75 text books and several bound photocopies of rare collections that are out of print for the students. The Department has created a Welfare fund for the students with contribution from the teachers that help students with books and other necessities. The Department organizes theatre workshop for the students and arranges for film shows relevant to UG syllabus. The Department has its own magazine Literatti published annually. Students of the Department prepares wall magazines and models showcasing important features of the Period, history and literature of the American, British and Indian literature. The Department regularly arranges for Guardian’s meeting with the Principal heading the meeting and mentor-mentee meetings with students and faculty members.</p style=”text-align: justify;”>

The Students of the Department are very talented and participate in debate, quiz and cultural programs. They also participate in sports and Yoga or taekwondo workshop. The students are the pride of our department.</p style=”text-align: justify;”>